Brexit and residence in Spain

Brexit and residence in Spain

Taking into account, that BREXIT might be a reality sooner or later, UK nationals interested in living in Spain are now in a sort of countdown to ensure their right to reside legally and get  the European Union residence certificate.

The most relevant aspects which may concern to these legal effects are going to be analyzed in this article and also the guidelines to obtain a residence permit in Spain.

What is going to change

The departure of the UK from the EU treaty will entail the condition of the aforementioned territory as an Extra-EU country as Russia, China or EEUU, for instance. Hence the right of free movement inside EU territories will be lost by all their citizens and it is likely that they will be required to obtain Visas in order to travel or reside in those countries. It is also important to bear in mind that the maximum period to stay in an EU country will be limited to 3 months within a period of 6 months.

What will remain unchanged?

The EU as much as the UK have stated their intention to preserve the rights of those in possession of a residence certificate. Therefore, workers and pensioners with legal residence status and their families will not have to worry about the uncertainty and the changes ahead.

What is a Residency Certificate

A Spanish residency permit is a document that proves that you are legally settled in Spain and allows you to reside here for a long time. Its size is similar to a credit card.

spanish residence certificate

Obtaining this document will involve the meeting of some requirements but will ensure the rights of their holders in the post Brexit scenario.

Are the same a residency permit and a N.I.E.?

Although the application process to get a Spanish Residency permit is similar to the process to apply for a NIE, they are ultimately completely different. The NIE is just a fiscal number required on dealings with the Administration, like buying a property, opening a bank account, setting up a company, etc…., but it is not intended for residence purposes.

How can I apply to get the Spanish certificate of residence?

As a general rule, an appointment is required and appointments can take up to 4 weeks depending on the town and Police Station.

There are several requirements that will be assessed, but mainly you should get proof of the following:

1) Income.

a) Being employed with a working contract in Spain.

b) Being registered as a self-employed in Spain.

c) Having enough funds to support yourself and your family without posing a burden to the state. This could be proved by different means, with a bank statement showing a considerable balance or in case you are a pensioner, a Spanish bank certificate where you receive your pension regularly could be enough, but is you do not receive your pension through a Spanish bank then a certificate from your country would be considered.

2) Medical Coverage. Having medical coverage whether public or private, that offers the equivalent services to those given by the Spanish Social Security

Related issues to take into account :

If you become a Spanish resident it is also important to consider the following issues:

  • Registry in relevant governmental entities (City council, Tax Agency, Social Security, etc…).
  • Exchange driving license.
  • Transfer your pension to Spain, in order to reduce the taxation in the country of origin.

So basically we advise all the British citizens with an interest in living in Spain, to process their application of EU residence in Spain sooner than later.

If you need assistance Getting Your Spanish Residency, please get in contact with our foreign department, or get an appointment

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