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Golden Visa Spain

Law 14/2013 Support for Entrepreneurs and their internationalization, also known as golden visa, brings in the possibility for Non-Europeans to entry, stay and reside in Spain. The aforementioned law has been subject to many changes during the last years, and in this post the main highlights of the regulation will be collected:


a) By FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS destined to capital investors with an investment on:

– Spanish public debt (€2 million).
– Shares of Spanish companies (€1 million).
– Investment funds or venture capital funds set up in Spain (€1 million).
– Bank deposits (€1 million).

b) By purchase of REAL ESTATE with a minimum investment of 500.000€. The applicant must provide evidence for the investment of being absent of any charge or encumbrance.

c) For ENTEPRENEURS and business activities: Business projects with a relevant interest for the Spanish economy (development of areas with a positive impact on employment, technological innovation, etc…)

d) For HIGHLY QUALIFIED professionals (graduate or postgraduate from universities and prestigious business schools) who have a job offer in Spain.

e)  For RESEARCH OR TRAINING. Some professional (scientific, technical staff and teachers) who wish to carry out training, research, development and innovation activities in public or private entities.

f) By INTRA-CORPORATION transfer of workers inside the same company or group of companies. It is targeted not only to those who move to Spain within the framework of a working contract or a professional relationship but also for reasons of professional formation, with a company or group of companies established in Spain or in any other EU country.


1) The process starts with the application of the visa in the country of residence. In that phase the applicant must meet all the requirements of the law (vary for every option choosen) . Once the visa has been granted the applicant will be allowed to travel to Spain for a period of a year.

2)  The second phase starts once the applicant has received the visa, then the application for a resident card must be fulfilled (this is a different process with different requirements) made in Spain. Finaly the applicant will be entitled to get a residence card for a validity period of 2 years, that can be renewed.


Can the investment be made through a legal entity?

Yes, if the applicant has the majority of its voting rights and has the power to appoint and dismiss the majority of the members of its administrative body, and it is not established in a tax haven territory.

Can other members of the family live in Spain?

Family members who accompany or join the foreigner with a Golden visa can fulfil a joint application or apply successively for their visa and residence permit.
With the last changes apart from the spouses and descendents, other people with analogous affective relationship (unmnarried partners or stepchild) could apply with same rights.
Can the applicant and family members work with their residence permit?

Yes, with the last modifications of the law all those who are granted a resident card can work and run a business in their name.

Can the holder of a residence permit travel to any EU State?

Foreigners holding a long‐stay visa or a residence permit, and with a valid travel document, are entitled to circulate freely for no more than 3 months in any six‐month period, within the territory of the EU Member States, subject to these two requirements:

  •  Comply with the conditions for entry referred to Regulation (EU) 2016/399 of the  European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 establishing a Union Code on the rules governing the movement of persons across borders (Schengen Borders Code), and
  •  Do not appear in the national refused entry list of the Member State in question.
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