Non residents


Asesoramiento para No Residentes:

El entorno de la Costa del Sol ofrece un lugar ideal como segunda residencia a ciudadanos extranjeros. Como visitante esporádico, o como poseedor de inmuebles en España, puede que precise de algunos de nuestros servicios enfocados en gestiones como:

  • Asesoramiento en compraventa de Inmuebles
  • Impuestos de inmuebles de no residentes. (Modelos 210, 211, 720)
  • Solicitud devoluciones de IVA.
  • Asesoramiento a expatriados (Registro en las diferentes administraciones)
  • Obtención de NIE
  • Puesta en marcha de negocios.

As a foreign citizen that arrives to Spain sporadically or has a property, you could need the legal assistance of our firm. For that reason we offer some services focus on foreigns that are not residents and has different interest in spanish territory. This service is provided since long time and as a result of our background along those years, that let us to have a wide vision of the european citizens needs when arrive our country. As an example some of the most common:

  • NIE number (required for many matters as buying properties, cars, etc…)
  • Advive on properties and assets.
  • Family Resident Cards (european relatives not members of EU/EEA)
  • Driving License change
  • Resident and non residents Tax Declarations.
  • Setting up a business.

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